15 Simple Ways To Save Water At Home

Water is one of the most valuable substances offered by nature. It is used in several daily activities, from bathing to dishwashing, and most importantly, to quench our thirst. In short, it is one of those substances on which our lives depend.

Unfortunately, nowadays, we use and waste it like we don’t need it. There are many places facing water scarcity because they couldn’t realize its importance on time. But don’t worry, there are many ways to make sure that our place is not the next. Although, the given ways ensure water saving in small and household amounts, yet we all know that a little of something is better than nothing.

So, here are 15 ways to save water at home.

1. Utilize The R.O. Waste Water

We all use water purifiers at our home and during the process of purification, the water unfit for drinking gets eliminated through the little pipe provided. Although that water can’t be consumed by us, plants can safely use it. Therefore, this water can be used to water plants.

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2. Use Bucket Instead Of A Shower

When we use the shower to bath, a lot of water is wasted as we unconsciously use much more water as compared to a normal bucket. To prevent this, one must use a bucket to bath because that will make us realize the water we’ve used for a single bath, and significantly reduce it in the future.

3. Rainwater Harvesting

Nature does its best to refill and maintain the water provided to us. So, when it rains, it is advisable to store this water and use it in normal activities like washing and cleaning. The installation of a proper rainwater harvesting system is also useful to ensure the proper utilization of water.

4. Close The Tap

One should always close the tap while brushing or shaving. There are still many people who brush/shave with the taps running. This must be stopped because it is a clear wastage of water. Everyone must teach their children to close the tap when not in use.

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5. Make Sure There Are No Leaks

We obviously fix any pipe leak in our house that is visible. But we must also know that not all leaks are visible. These internal leaks secretly lead to the wastage of tons of water. But we can ensure that there is no leak in the house by checking the level of water in the tank when it’s full and rechecking it after a couple of hours through the provided meter.

6. Run Washing Machine Only When Needed

Sometimes, we use the machine to wash our clothes even when there is not much of them. Although this washes our small amounts of cloths but the water wastage is huge. So to prevent this, we must only use washing machine at the time when we have a proper load of cloths.

7. No Pipes To Clean The Car

Many of us use a pipe to clean our cars and waste a lot of water. So, we should use a bucket and a cloth to properly wash and wipe it. This makes the process adequate without wasting it.

8. No Overflow From The Water Tank

When we fill our main water tank, it overflows sometimes because the water supply is not stopped at the right time. To avoid this, we can install the ‘Water Alarms’ that ring as soon as the water is about to reach the tanks’ brim. This informs us that the tank is full and we can turn off the supply without overflow.

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9. Water Your Lawn Only When Needed

Watering a lawn demands a lot of water. So, to ensure that we don’t waste such a huge amount, the lawn must be watered only when needed. Also, excessive watering can harm the lawn as the grass won’t be able to get proper oxygen.

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10. Avoid Playing With Water

There are many festivals like Holi that are played using water. A large number of people use water balloons, water guns, and buckets to play such festivals, and consequently, tons of water is wasted in a single day. So, we should take the initiative to play dry holi this upcoming year.

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11. Reduce The Overall Water Pressure

There is a certain amount of pressure through which the water reaches our home taps. Reducing that by a small amount can help greatly because that will lead to the lower amount of water running through the tap at the time but, there will be no impact on the type of process done using it. In other words, you’ll be able to do the same activity but with a relatively less amount of flowing water.

12. Use Bowls To Wash Vegetables

Many of us wash our fruits and vegetables by just placing them under the running tap . Although this completes what we want but there is excessive usage of water. So, to prevent this, we can wash them in a bowl. This will also complete our work but with lesser amounts of water used.

13. Use A Dual Flush Toilet

Nowadays, many companies produce modernized tools and objects to save energy and water. One such thing is a dual flush toilet. This allows us to adjust the amount of water to be used while flushing according to our needs. These are available at an affordable price.

14. Use Appliances That Save Water

We obviously can’t always focus on saving water every moment as we obviously have other works to do as well. So why not install such devices that save water automatically? Yes, there are many such devices like low-flow showerheads, and aerators and using them helps us to save great amounts of water.

15. Sharing Is Caring

It will not be enough if you practice all of these provided points in a single house. So, to actually save water on a large scale and in your surroundings, you need to share all the above-discussed points among your neighbors, friends, and other family members to save water on a large scale.

It is not too tough or costly to save water on smaller scales. One can take the initiative to reduce home water wastage because it doesn’t demand much work, and doing this will provide satisfaction since we are doing something to help and support the environment.

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