16 Steps to Keep Your Brain Healthy

The brain is the most important organ of our body. It is rightly called the ‘control unit of the body.’ When we keep our brains healthy, it leads to a healthier life. It performs a major role in our lives but when it is our turn to cater to its needs and keep it healthy, we fail.

Therefore, it is necessary that one becomes aware of its importance and cares for it in the same way it does for us. Several doctors and neurologists believe that a person with a healthy brain will never fall into the pit of several severe diseases and infections.

How to keep your brain healthy?

Consequently, taking care of brain is extremely necessary but often neglected. Follow the below-mentioned steps to keep it healthy.

Healthy sleep cycle

Having a sound sleep at night helps in keeping your brain cells relaxed for some time. Sleeping for 7 to 8 hours daily is the basic and prime step that should be taken by everyone to keep the mind sane.

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Meditation has an endless list of benefits. It soothes your mind, body and eliminates negativity. Continuous meditation also helps in changing subjective perception. It also helps in building great concentration power.

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Being close to nature

One important step in keeping the brain healthy is staying connected to nature. Changing the atmosphere is necessary. Having a walk in nature, spending some time in your garden, or alone admiring the natural beauty present around is good.

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Almonds are one of the most common recommendations for making your brain sharp and keeping it healthy. They are probably considered as the super food. They are rich in vitamin E and helps in preserving memory. Almonds contain both L-Carnitine and riboflavin: the two essential nutrients needed by the brain.

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Not burdening yourself

The excessive workload can be degrading for brain health. All work and no play make it dull and unhealthy. Taking small breaks between your work schedule can provide your brain the required relaxation. Thus, working for shorter hours and taking small breaks can help a lot.

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Less screen time

Too much screen time irritates and weakens the brain cells. It also hinders the brain’s natural performance and affects eyesight. Therefore, it is advisable to reduce screen time for a healthy mind.

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Head massage

Sometimes, all we need is a head massage. It helps in easing the nerve cells and takes away all the heaviness. Thus, having a head massage off and on can be a great way.

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Avoiding stress

Taking too much stress can make you prone to several mental disorders. People who get stressed easily are the ones who experience headaches and migraines more often. Thus, avoiding stress and unnecessary tension is necessary for better health.

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Staying happy

Staying happy is one of the best things you can do for yourself, especially for the mind. Happiness releases the happy hormone dopamine which is very good for the brain. It is a neurotransmitter that is a part of the head reward system. Staying happy helps in increasing concentration and easing tension.

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Mental stimulation

Mental stimulation is very important for keeping the brain healthy. Doing some sort of mentally stimulating activity such as puzzle-solving, mental math problems, and other games are essential. One can also paint or draw as it is also a mentally stimulating activity.

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Exercising for at least half and hour daily is recommended by several doctors around the world. It not only helps in keeping the body fit but also keeps the brain healthy. Studies show that people who exercise have a more active head and a high level of IQ.

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Healthy diet

Consuming food that is good and nutritious is extremely important. A healthy diet consists of green leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli. Taking fish, berries, nuts, avocados, peanuts, and chocolates into your diet can make your brain healthy.

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Be social

Being socially active is also important for keeping the brain healthy. It is considered an effective mental exercise. Being social can lessen the chances of dementia and other mental illness. If you are social then your mind has a great cognitive functioning ability and it remains healthy.

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Speak out your mind

Storing things deep down in your heart is dangerous. Not being expressive enough can be burdening at some point and it becomes important to speak up. In order to keep the brain healthy, one should be vocal about the problems, challenges, and situations that are bothersome. Venting out is a great step for a healthy mind.

No tobacco

Tobacco consumption is injurious for the overall health. It contains nicotine that kills brain cells and affects the growth of new cells. It also becomes the reason for several cognitive problems related to the brain. Thus, avoiding tobacco is a great step to take.

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Avoid alcohol

Alcohol immediately affects the working of the brain. It causes blurred vision, difficulty in walking, hindering movements, and slurred speech. Non-limited consumption of alcohol affects the brain and liver adversely. It is responsible for memory loss, sleeplessness, anxiety, stress and depression, and other mental disorders.

By following the above listed steps, one can have a healthy mind. These steps will surely provide you with a solid solution to several problems that you are facing. So instead of only worrying, following these small steps can do wonders.

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